Information about the Geoportal by the Euroregion PRO EUROPA VIADRINA


This Geoportal is a demo version of the cross-border Geoportal for the Euroregion PRO EUROPA VIADRINA.
It is the result of the project-related cooperation between the District Märkisch Oderland (Lead partner) and the Marshal's Office Lubuskie, as well as the organisations, which form the Euroregion, the Stowarzyszenie Gmin Polskich Euroregionu "Pro Europa Viadrina" and the Mittlere Oder e.V..

The project “Online Platform – Archive cross-border cooperation Euroregion PRO EUROPA VIADRINA” is co-financed by the Small-Project- and Network Project Fund of the Euroregion PRO EUROPA VIADRINA as part of the Operational Programme of Territorial Cooperation Poland (Voivodeship Lubuskie)-Brandenburg 2007-2013.

The project partners want to achieve a modern, region-specific and interactive Online-Platform to improve access to cross-border information.
Therefore it was necessary to determine technical, legal, organisational and substantive basics for a cross-bordered, Online-Platform, based on maps. The demo version, which is presented here, exemplifies the place and the contact-information of project partners, administrative centers, touristic information-points, educational institutions, as well as the location of chosen bike- and hiking trails, boat docks and the area of administrative units or large protected areas.
Information about chosen projects, co-financed by the European Union, are available as well. Furthermore, a calendar informs about important cross-bordered events.

Our offer is addressed to citizens, guests, employees of local authorities and stakeholders, who are interested in improvement of the German-Polish cooperation. It is created in three languages: German, Polish and English.
The project partners are now interested in the optimization and completion of this interactive offer and therefor ask all users to take part in developing and improving our tool. By using the contact field you can for example:

  • Provide both, positive and negative feedback,
  • Give us hints to optimize the structure and the handling of the Geoportal,
  • Make suggestions for more information,
  • Inform us about important cross-bordered events.

Thank you for your trouble and your support!
Seelow / Zielona Góra / Gorzów Wlkp. / Frankfurt (Oder), July 2015

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